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Your car deserves the best and hence we provide you with superlative mobile car tinting services at your doorstep on just a phone call. Our intention is to “save the time and make it simple”, and thus we stand out to be the leading company that offers foremost mobile window tinting services in Dubai. You don’t have to wait for long anymore; instead you may sit back and relax while our mobile tinting experts will get it done for you within a few hours of time.

We care for your car and thus we always ensure that only high standard sun control films are used for our mobile window tinting services. SNASH Sun Control Films are specially designed to provide the best possible heat protection with custom color options that meets your desire. SNASH Guard is associated with Global Window films, a leading Sun Control Films manufacturer in the world. SNASH Guard is put through various tests by the R&D team to make sure that they meet the consumer requirements. Our professional grade Sun Control Film protects you and your loved ones from various UV related damages.

our mobile car window tinting service, we aim not only to protect you from the heat but also to keep you away from 99.9% of UVA/UVB rays which are harmful to human skin.

Our automotive range films when applied, protects your cars

  • Vehicle’s leather, fabrics and other internal trims from cracks, fading, damages etc. caused due to exposure from Sun.
  • Enables easier cooling of your cabin Aircon and in turn helps reduce the consumption of energy and fuel.

Some of the key features of our SNASH Guard are as below :

  • Heat Rejection
  • UV Protection
  • Anti-Glare
  • Energy Efficiency

SNASH Guard choices range from a variety of high-performance metallized or standard non-reflective Sun Control Films. SNASH Guard are installed by trained industry professionals and backed by a strong warranty to give you the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve made the right choice.

SNASH Guard Films are available on -

  • HP – High Performance Film
  • Ceramic Film
  • IR – Infrared Film

Our skilled professional installers work with high proficiency and passion.

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Ours is a new venture of the Golden Group which has 35 years of experience in UAE’s car servicing industry. We're passionate about offering a unique and effective car care solutions. Sustainability and convenience are the key elements of our company’s strategic vision. Snash have contracts with several car dealers, providing them with ample and efficient services like applying paint protection film installers, mobile window tinting, mobile car tinting etc. We are concerned about our customers and thus proffer them with the most reliable and nonpareil cleaning services satisfying their needs. Our goal is to provide the best and foremost car wrapping services at affordable prices as compare to the prevailing market price. If your car requires any of the services mentioned afore, please do make a call. Also you can book online or call us for our mobile car tinting services which include car window tinting and protective films for cars; ceramic coating services and car paint protection services anywhere in Dubai.

We are one of the leading car care sevice centers in dubai. Snash is the best mobile car tinting sevice center in Dubai providing top car protection facilitities. We offer you a complete solution to your vehicle with ceramic protection,ceramic coating,headlamp protection including professional replacement and professional consultation. Vehicle branding is a cost-effective way to create a huge impact on thousands of potential customers every day. We also provide vehicle graphics services.